A brand new database synchronization, multi platform, multi databases, developed on top of .Net Standard 2.0.


Dotmim.Sync is the easiest way to handle a full synchronization between one server database and multiples clients databases.
Dotmim.Sync is cross-platforms, multi-databases and based on .Net Standard 2.0.
Choose either SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL, and (hopefully, I hope soon…) Oracle and PostgreSQL !

No need to handle any configuration file, or any generation code or whatever. Just code the list of tables you need to synchronize, call SynchronizeAsync() and that’s all !

A few lines of codes

TL,DR : Here is the most straightforward way to synchronize two relational databases:

// Create 2 Sql Sync providers
var serverProvider = new SqlSyncProvider(serverConnectionString);
var clientProvider = new SqlSyncProvider(clientConnectionString);

// Tables involved in the sync process:
var tables = new string[] {"ProductCategory", "ProductModel", "Product",
    "Address", "Customer", "CustomerAddress", "SalesOrderHeader", "SalesOrderDetail" };

// Creating an agent that will handle all the process
var agent = new SyncAgent(clientProvider, serverProvider, tables);

        // Launch the sync process
        var s1 = await agent.SynchronizeAsync();

        // Write results
    catch (Exception e)
} while (Console.ReadKey().Key != ConsoleKey.Escape);


And here is the result you should have, after a few seconds:

Synchronization done.
        Total changes downloaded: 68
        Total changes uploaded: 0
        Total conflicts: 0
        Total duration :0:0:09.124

It took almost 10 seconds on my machine to make a full synchronization between the Server and the Client.

It’s a little bit long, because, the Dotmim.Sync framework, on the first sync, will have to:

  • Get the schema from the Server side and create all the tables on the Client side, if needed. (yes, you don’t need a client database with an existing schema)
  • Create on both side all the required stuff to be able to manage a full sync process, creating tracking tables, stored procedures, triggers and so on … be careful, Dotmim.Sync is a little bit intrusive :)
  • Then eventually launch the first sync, and get the 68 items from the Server, and apply them on the Client.

Now everything is configured and the first has successfully occured, imagine you’re adding 1000 items in the ProductCategory table:

Insert into ProductCategory (ProductCategoryID, Name)
Select SUBSTRING(CONVERT(varchar(255), NEWID()), 0, 7), CONVERT(varchar(255), NEWID())
Go 100

From the same console application, same code, just hit enter to relaunch the synchronization, here are the results:

Synchronization done.
        Total changes downloaded: 101
        Total changes uploaded: 0
        Total conflicts: 0
        Total duration :0:0:0.513

Boom, less than 1 seconds.

Nuget packages

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Need Help

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